Amazon AR Sort Fulfillment Center (FSD1)

Sioux Falls, SD

Project Specifications
Ford & Associates
Shirk & O'Donovan Consulting Engineers
Ryan Companies
Project Highlights
  • 2,700,000 Total SF Facility
  • Industrial, Distribution Center
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High-performance precast concrete insulated sandwich wall panels provide a versatile, efficient, attractive, and resilient building enclosure system. PCI-certified precast concrete insulated sandwich wall panels are also very economical – especially when designed and constructed as a load-bearing element.

Speed of erection: A typical standard-sized warehouse can be erected in weeks vs. months. Cold weather is not a factor, since the panels are cast in a temperature-controlled environment and shipped to the site when needed.

Thermal efficiency: Edge-to-edge, top-to-bottom rigid insulation can be used within a relatively thin wall, providing a highly effective R-value. The concrete’s thermal mass provides an added benefit by slowing heat transmission through the wall, flattening out temperature swings. A building’s thermal performance can actually double using precast wall elements, thus in turn can reduce the size of HVAC units needed.

Competitive cost: Precast concrete wall panels can be a cost-effective alternative to masonry or other hard wall systems and does not require as much labor as other systems.