Total Precast Solutions

A Totally Better Way to Build

Gage Brothers’ total precast solutions utilize structural and architectural precast and prestressed components to build an entire building or structure. With total precast, the architectural panels also serve as a load-bearing façade. Exceptional design freedom is realized by eliminating the need for a structural core, allowing for wide open spaces and the ability to integrate a virtually unlimited list of finishes, colors, textures, and veneers.

With a total precast approach, production schedules can be up to 20 to 25% faster and most weather will not slow or halt construction. With panels produced at Gage Brothers’ facility and delivered directly to the site ready to be installed, your worksite remains cleaner with fewer on-site trade workers required.

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Advantages of Total Precast include:

  • Faster construction timelines
  • Quicker enclosure
  • High-load capacity
  • Interior work can begin sooner
  • High thermal storage capacity
  • Superior fire-resistance
  • Long term durability
  • Superior sound attenuation
  • Unlimited design options
  • And much more
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