Hollow Core Slabs

Lightweight but Maintains Structural Strength

Hollow core slabs are a structural precast and prestressed floor and roof system with a shallow depth, reducing weight while maintaining structural strength. Fire-resistant hollow core slabs allow for better acoustical performance and have better deflection control than wood or steel systems.

With faster installation than composite decking, hollow core slabs are also available in long clear spans and work with other building products and materials. The smooth bottom eliminates the necessity for other ceiling products. The shortened installation time creates project savings, as well as a clean job site.

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Commercial Usage

Hollow Core Slabs 1 - Gage Brothers Concrete
Hollow Core Slabs 2 - Gage Brothers Concrete
Hollow Core Slabs 3 - Gage Brothers Concrete
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Benefits of Hollow Core:

  • Lower Material Cost
  • Lighter than Solid Slabs
  • Capable of Covering Long Spans
  • Improved Thermal Efficiency
  • Superior Sound Insulation
  • Extreme Durability
  • Inherent Fire Resistance