Pierre SD Water Treatment Plant

Pierre, SD

Project Specifications
JLG Architects
AE2S - Advanced Engineering and Environmental Services
PKG Contracting, Scull Construction Services
Project Highlights
  • Structural 8″ and 12″ hollowcore with 10′ wide double-tees.
  • Insulated architectural panels with formliner finish mimic South Dakota prairie wood plank.
  • Challenge: Restricted construction area to allow park access throughout the duration of the project.
  • 2023 Central South Dakota Engineering Project of the Year presented by the South Dakota Engineering Society
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“We chose materials that communicated earthly qualities – precast with wood plank imprints, stone, and tones that mimic the South Dakota prairie landscape.” 

Catherine Dekkenga
Principal, JLG Architects

“I believe this is a very good project for Pierre, this is a quality-of-life improvement that will serve our community for generations.”

Steve Harding
Mayor, Pierre, SD

To improve the City’s drinking water and combat the water’s high mineral content, Pierre’s city government took on their largest, public-approved infrastructure investment to date, moving the city’s primary source of drinking water from a dozen wells to employing a treatment plant that utilizes Missouri River surface water.

Located just south of the Missouri River highway bridge in Steamboat Park, the city’s new treatment plant broke ground in August 2020 and started pumping water to residents in December 2022.

Various structural and architectural precast concrete products served as the optimal solution for the new $37.5 million facility. Precast concrete is highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion, making it ideal for use in environments like water treatment plants, plus can add architectural synergy with the surrounding terrain.

“The massing of the building was sunk into the ground so only one story is visible above the ground, creating a building that became a part of the landscape.” “It looks nothing like a water treatment plant, and that’s exactly what city leaders wanted, it’s not often you see a water treatment plant in a city park.” – JLG’s Catherine Dekkenga, AIA, Principal Architect

The City of Pierre serves more than 13,640 customers who use an average of 2.6 million gallons of water each day. The maximum production capacity of the new plant is 8.8 million gallons a day, providing its customers with a vital resource for years to come.

In addition, the hardness of the water will be reduced by 30% by removing iron and manganese from the treated water decreasing water discoloration and the need for home softener salt.