Heritage Parking

Sioux City, IA

Project Specifications
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Desman Associates
Desman Associates
WA Klinger
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“The Heritage Parking Ramp has provided the City of Sioux City with an attractive alternative to the traditional cookie-cutter parking facility. The parking ramps help to alleviate parking concerns in the popular Historic 4th Street area of Sioux City. Design elements were included to allow the ramp to complement the area.”

Bob Scott
Sioux City Mayor

The Heritage Parking Garage features 300 spaces. It is a four-level precast structure that re-used the existing foundation from the previous garage and is set up for horizontal expansion.

Desman was hired to provide architectural and engineering services for the design of Sioux City’s new Heritage Parking Garage. The garage is in the heart of the downtown area. It primarily serves as event parking for the neighborhood convention center and multiplex theater. It also serves daytime infrastructure parking for office and nearby business uses. The garage sits on a site that at one time was demolished to make way for the newer facility. Desman was able to salvage and use the existing foundations as a cost and time saving advantage. The architectural façade utilized brick, cast stone and terracotta accents in keeping with the context and charm of the historic downtown area.