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Sustainability of Precast

Precast concrete?s inherit properties naturally provides sustainable solutions. Manufactured off-site, precast concrete reduces building site disturbance which allows more of the natural habitat to stay intact. This also saves time and energy by reducing the construction schedule when compared to other building materials. 


When planning a parking structure, precast concrete offers unique benefits, including a flexible site friendly solution and the opportunity to reduce the heat island effect with a LEED specified cover. In addition to free standing parking structures, precast concrete products allow structures to have internal or below structure parking. If a parking structure is below grade, it will also help in conserving the natural habitat. 
Precast wall panels allow for minimal maintenance, creating long-term savings over the design life of the building.  By controlling air and water exposure, precast panels are ideal for maintaining a building?s condition. The precast concrete?s durability and strength can withstand inclement weather and environmental conditions. With fewer joints than other wall materials, utilizing precast panels decreases the chances for joint failure. 


AltusGroup is a partnership of America?s leading precast manufactures and suppliers, driving precast toward new and unique industrial innovations. As a proud of member of AltusGroup, Gage Brothers is able to offer CarbonCast products. CarbonCast is an innovative technology that uses C-GRID epoxy-coated carbon fiber composite grid for reinforcing and shear transfer. As a result, CarbonCast precast enclosure systems and double tees can be lighter, stronger and more durable than other building systems. These systems have lower cradle-to-gate equivalent carbon dioxide (CO2e) impacts than conventional steel-reinforced precast concrete products. The carbon footprint can further be reduced by selecting products such as thin brick veneers, which have substantially lower CO2e impacts than comparable buildings enclosed with traditional full-depth brick.


Featuring natural clay brick products cast into the precast wall panel, thin brick faced wall panels create the look of traditional brick but with substantial time and budget savings. Thin brick panels can be installed quickly, as panels are typically directly loaded on to the building structure. Compared to hand set brick, thin brick panels allow for better moisture control, have a reduced maintenance cost, and eliminate the need for future tuckpointing. The pre-fabrication of thin brick faced wall panels require fewer trades onsite and create additional project savings, as well as a clean job site.


The thermal mass effect of concrete can help achieve an efficient envelope. This can be magnified by sandwiching insulation between two layers of concrete in an insulated precast wall panel. With thermal storage provided by the mass of concrete, there is a reduction in daily and seasonal temperate swings. By damping and shifting peak loads to a later time, thermal mass reduces peak energy requirements for building operations. Precast concrete also has inherent fire-resistant qualities and does not require additional fire proofing. Once in place, this non-combustible envelope protects the building and its occupants.

As a leader in the precast concrete industry for over 60 years, Gage Brothers is constantly evolving to offer the most technologically advanced and eco-friendly products available. In today?s society, the emphasis on being good stewards of the environment is becoming increasingly important. Gage Brothers will continue to look for sustainable precast solutions on an ongoing basis.

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