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Old plant.jpgEstablished in 1915 by members of the Gage family, Gage Brothers proudly employs 250 employees on 30 acres of land in northwest Sioux Falls. Over the past seventy-plus years, Gage Brothers has built a rock-solid reputation in the Upper Midwest, one water-tight, load-bearing, cost-effective precast wall at a time.

Gage Brothers traces its roots back to 1915, when William Gage, Sr. and Harold Gabel began pouring concrete sidewalks in Sioux Falls. The childhood friends and former Washington High School classmates started their business with just a handful of employees. The operation resided on the same plot of land that the plant sits on today; at one time, the property also had a gravel pit and small stock dam where workers could fish.

Albert and William Gage, Jr., followed in their father’s footsteps after serving with the US Army during World War II. Gage Brothers Concrete was incorporated in 1946 and the siblings purchased the industry standard at the time – the Besser "3 at-a-time" cam driven block machine—to increase block production at their West 12th Street facility. 

This purchase, along with the work of a Frenchman across the pond and a piece of post-war legislation combined to lead Gage Brothers down the path it is best known for today.

Throughout the 1940s and 1950s, French structural and civil engineer Eugène Freyssinet successfully developed and patented pre-stressed concrete—i.e., concrete beams or girders in which steel wire is embedded under tension, greatly strengthening the concrete member.

Then on June 29, 1956, President Dwight Eisenhower signed the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956. The bill created a 41,000-mile “National System of Interstate and Defense Highways” that would, according to Eisenhower, eliminate unsafe roads, inefficient routes, traffic jams and all of the other things that got in the way of “speedy, safe transcontinental travel.”

These two key developments catapulted Gage Brothers into the bridge girder business.

Further growth continued into the 1960s as Gage Brothers added double-tees and corefloor to their product lines. The Gage Brothers leadership team recognized additional opportunities with corefloor and decided to trade the corporate airplane for one of the first corefloor machines in the United States. This acquisition allowed Gage Brothers to enter the corefloor market.

It was around this time that the company also began to produce architectural precast; a product that had been used since the early 20th century but was coming into wide use in the 1960s. Gage Brothers started to build local schools and the business quickly grew beyond the Sioux Falls city limits.

Tom, Fred and Al Gage Jr., were third generation of family members to run the company. The addition of architectural precast allowed Gage Brothers to expand their footprint into the Minneapolis and St. Paul markets. One of the first high profile projects for Gage Brothers came in late 1966 when they were awarded the Met Center in Bloomington, Minn. — best known as the home of the Minnesota North Stars.

Tom, Fred and Al Gage, Jr., were the third generation of the Gage family to run the company. Gage Brothers continued to refine its engineering and enhance equipment throughout the 1970s and 1980s in order to expand capabilities and the markets they served. In fact, Gage Brothers was the first company in the region to manufacture both burnished block and polished precast. 

In 2007, Gage Brothers’ decades of hard work, experience, and enterprise culminated in a project that Al and Bill Gage could only have dreamed of.

Target FieldThat year Gage Brothers landed one of the most prestigious jobs in company history when they were awarded the Target Field exterior project. Two and a half years and more than 900 individual pieces of concrete later, ESPN the Magazine named Target Field the “Best Stadium in North America.”

Concurrently, Gage Brothers was working on TCF Bank Stadium, home of the Minnesota Golden Gophers football team. This combination of two of the largest stadium projects in the Midwest allowed Gage Brothers to weather the Great Recession much better than others in the construction industry. 

In 2007, Gage Brothers also began the transition from a family-owned to an employee owned business through the implementation of an employee stock ownership plan.

In recent years Gage Brothers has worked on several visible projects, including the Sanford Pentagon, Sanford Children’s Castle of Care Hospital, Jackrabbit Village at South Dakota State University and the James F. Battin United States Courthouse in Billings, Montana.

Today, Gage Brothers continues to take pride in their employees and the quality of their product. Evolving from blocks and sidewalks, Gage Brothers now has an innovative product line that includes polished concrete, CarbonCast Insulated Systems, thin brick and stoneclad systems and the E/R Post System.

The close to 250 employees at Gage Brothers stand committed to upholding core values of reliability, quality and service in cutting edge ways. Our 30-acre facility in northwest Sioux Falls, S.D. is dedicated to providing exceptional architectural precast concrete design and production for use in the Midwest region of the United States.

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Established in 1915 by members of the Gage family, Gage Brothers specializes in architectural precast and structural precast concrete products. Gage Brothers is based out of Sioux Falls, SD and our service area includes Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota; including the metropolitan areas of Minneapolis, MN; Denver, CO; Bismarck, ND: Fargo, ND; and Lincoln, NE.
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