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Design Assist

Gage Brothers Design-Assist When providing design assist services, the role of Gage Brothers is to work closely with the overall design team to help them reach their goals while maintaining the budget and constructability of the building.  To do this, Gage Brothers engages in regular design meetings to determine the best precast panelization and connection scheme of the project.

Good planning starts in the design phase and the ability to capitalize on master molds and keep change overs to a minimum helps make the whole process more efficient. The early approval also allows sufficient time for production. These activities feed the production and erection matrix that the project management team at Gage Brothers utilizes on all jobs.

To maximize the potential of architectural precast concrete construction, the following elements should be considered:

  •  Color and finish selection
  •  Mold fabrication
  •  Casting and finishing techniques
  •  Handling methods in plant and at site
  •  Connection concepts
  •  Locations of connections to structure
  •  Material costs
  •  Construction sequencing
Gage Brothers can help develop the overall construction schedule based on several milestones. Such steps will include submittal for approval, mockup approval, release to plant, shipping, and erection dates. Each step is tracked and managed accordingly.

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